Absolute PR has successfully marketed iPhone applications, securing reviews in print, radio and on-line media. These include major reviews in Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard, Music Week, The New York Times, NME, Q Magazine, The Sunday Times and coverage on the BBC. 


The promotional campaign around This Day in Music resulted in the app reaching #2 on the iTunes UK music chart #1 on the Australian iPad chart and Top 20 in over 30 other countries. This Day in Pink Floyd reached the Top 10 in the iTunes charts in over 30 countries.   


Working with EMI, Rhino, Universal and Music Sales, we have also promoted Apps for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Classic Rock, Blue Note, The Who, The Doors, Kurt Cobain, Adele, Eric Clapton and more.  

This Day in Pink Floyd

This Day in Pink Floyd is the ultimate accompaniment to the ultimate band.It is designed to bring you closer to the band, and contains thousands of music facts covering 366 days of the year, a guide to every one of the 167 studio tracks the band officially released, as well as more than 100 Pink Floyd images, over 200 quiz questions, over 200 items of trivia, the rarely-seen, newly-restored video of Floyd's 1968 single 'Point Me At The Sky', a free ringtone ('Shine On You Crazy Diamond'), and two wallpaper screen images. 

This Day in Led Zeppelin

This Day in Led Zeppelin is the indispensible accompaniment to one of the greatest bands of all time - the legendary Led Zeppelin.Available as an iPhone, iPad and iTouch app, it contains over 5,000 music facts, a guide to every studio track the band recorded, as well as images of the band, a quiz, trivia, a rarely-seen article describing Zeppelin's career path, a bonus ringtone in a hard rock style, and two wallpaper screen image.This Day in Led Zeppelin is a tribute to the hugely successful band, and a way to reconnect with all of the elements of their amazing unique talent - all in one place.

This Day in The Rolling Stones

This Day In The Rolling Stones contains all the elements that have made this series the must-have for any fan of the band - celebrating 50 years of Stones history, the App brings you: • Entries for every day - 366 days of the year: Info on all the gigs, tours, TV appearances, recording dates, events, chart positions, album releases and more! • In depth song notes for 15 Classic Stones albums, from the band’s debut in 1964, to the classic Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main Street, Some Girls, and more - right through to the current hits release GRRR! More than 200 Stones songs dissected in over 30,000 words. • More than 300 Rolling Stones Quiz questions, scored out of 10 as you go. • More than 300 Stones Trivia facts • A free Ringtone.

This Day in Classic Rock

An App Developed with Classic Rock Magazine. This Day In Classic Rock is your daily dose of rock - 366 days of info with thousands of daily rock facts!More than 200 Rock Trivia itemsMore than 300 quiz questions (with an interactive running score) 50 Classic rock albums critiqued - 75,000 words of expert critical and historical analysis – from AC/DC to The Who and everything in between.

Rocking All Over The World

Based on a map of the world, Rocking All Over The World documents YOUR music experience of events, places and venues by allowing you to upload photos and stories to share with the world. From historic music locations of stars' birthplaces, to historic music venues, album cover sites, festivals, recording studios and musicians' final resting places, the whole world will be covered in Rocking All Over The World.


iWitness brings you accounts from some of biggest acts in the world – as told by the artists themselves and the people who were there and witnessed them. Compiled by renowned music writer Johnny Black, (Mojo, Q, Smash Hits, The Times), these reports give you an insight into how artists made some of their most successful albums, toured round the world, or started their career, with the stories behind how these events unfolded. 

This Day in Music

This Day in Music is the daily guide to the facts, the figures and most of all the stars, available as an iPhone & iPad app, containing over 5,000 music facts as well as hundreds of exclusive images. This Day in Music is a companion to the highly successful site Thisdayinmusic.com - also available as a best-selling book.


This Day in Music has already been Top 10 on the iTunes music charts in over 30 countries.